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FAQs: One-on-One Computer Training Online

What if I need help with the Go To Training set-up to begin the session?

It’s not hard and you’ll likely have no problem doing it yourself.  It just requires a download of the Go To Training software on your laptop or pc.  If you can’t manage that, we strongly recommend you ask a friend or colleague who is more tech-savvy to help you with the instructions in the email confirmation.  If you’re not set-up at the session start time we can walk you through the set up, but this will cut into your training time.  For example, if you need 10 minutes of help getting started, you will only receive 50 minutes of training.


Can more than one person attend?

No, we are only going to do this for one person at a time so that individual needs can be adequately addressed.


Can you do a session for our office?

Not at this time.  We offer regular webinars on Stratus and Collab.  Instanet, RPR and Homesnap all offer their own webinars and videos that would be better suited to a group.


Can I do a two-hour session?

No, only one hour per session.  And we require that you wait at least a week to schedule a second hour.  This will give you a chance to practice and absorb what you learned in your first session.


Can I do more than one session?

Absolutely!  The price is the same no matter how many sessions you register for.  Our only requirement is that you schedule your sessions AT LEAST one week apart.


Is there a discount on multiple sessions?

No.  The current price is extremely discounted already so that as many members as possible can take advantage of this service.


Can I do the training on my iPad or Android table?

Yes, but you will need the Go to Training APP and you will not be able to practice with the instructor's guidance


Can I use my Mac?

Yes, your trainer can do the session from a Mac as well.


What if I need to speak to my trainer after the session ends?

The trainers will not be able to take your call as they are most likely in the classroom or online training another student. If you have additional questions after your session, you must speak  directly to one of our fully trained MLS Customer Service representatives for Stratus and Collab questions(631-661-4800 x1), and Instanet support for help with that.  We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding that the tutor is only available to you during your session.

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