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How can I learn to use Stratus?

How will we learn to use the New Stratus?

MLSLI offers FREE training – both webinars and onsite demos. Dates for all these learning options are listed on this Support Center under "Webinars" and "Want to Take a Class?".  We also have recorded short tutorial videos you can view under Tutorials and Videos.  If you need your CE for license renewal, consider taking a hands-on class on New Stratus – all Stratus classes cover NEW Stratus only.

Do I HAVE to take a class to learn New Status?

Not everyone will need hands-on training – many will learn by webinar or free demo. Much of the change to the system is cosmetic, and you will use many of the skills that you currently use in old Stratus.  Our recommendation is to try it out, create a CMA and do some searches, and then see what additional training you might need.

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