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August 2014 Release

  1. Brooklyn is now an option in the County choice set and all Brooklyn towns have been added.
  2. Prospect Match - there is now an option as to the frequency of prospect matches sent for each prospect including hourly, every 6 hrs or daily as it is now.
  3. Added the ability to select and send attachments with the Detail View.
  4. CMA - in the Marketing Plan added the ability to rearrange the order of activities.
  5. Financial Functions are now available under the Financial tab/heading
    • Including:
    • Buy vs. Rent
    • Buyer Closing Costs
    • Buyer Qualification
    • Mortgage Calculator
    • Seller Net Proceeds
  6. For Status Changes, the selection BOM (Back On Market) is now choice for W/R LSC (last status update).
  7. New Stratus Support Center has been added to the Info Center (look for the yellow light bulb in the upper right hand corner next to the banner ad). This great new resource includes:
    • FAQ's
    • Webinars
    • Training Guides & Videos
    • Releases & Enhancements
    • A link to the class schedule
    • And much more

    Stratus Support Center will be continually updated-please check it out.

  8. Data field, Taxes W/Star Exemption, was changed to Taxes W/Basic Star.
  9. Data field, Green Features, was changed to Energy Efficient Features.
  10. The links on the Info Center and on Add/Edit have been changed from
  11. Online Forms to Instanet Forms for consistency purposes.
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