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June/July 2014 New Stratus Release

  • Add/Edit - if LSC = UC and the contract is cancelled so it changes to BOM after the Expiration Date, it no longer gets set to Available for the rest of the day but instead now goes immediately to Unavailable.
  • CMA You can add Comparables to your CMA from your Listing Cart.
  • CMA Cover Page Agent Photos and Subject Property Photos have been made larger. Other cosmetic changes were made including font size, margins and alignments.
  • CMA - Market Statistical Report for subject property, there is now a price range value bar and when you hover over the bar, you see the price range. Prices are also now showing in currency format.
  • The spelling of the town Addisleigh Park has been corrected. All listings previously Addesleigh Park now appear with the correct Addisleigh Park spelling.
  • My Lists You now have the ability to select all selected listings from your search results and add them to your Favorites in one step. From List, select the listings you want to add to your Favorites, then click the yellow star labeled Add in the List tool bar.
  • From List of search results, the Print Preview report that appears on the screen has been enlarged so you can view more of the report without scrolling.
  • Public Records When search public records, the maximum properties returned in the search has increased from 1000 to 2500.
  • Send When emailing listings to a client or customer, when you send yourself a copy, you now receive the Broker Full report.
  • Send When emailing listings to a contact with two email addresses, both email addresses will automatically fill in the To section. You can then opt to delete one.
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