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10/28/2015 - Offer Presentation Field Added

A new data field "Offer Presentation" has been added along with the Stratus enhancements.

At Add/Edit if Negotiate Direct = N, the new "Offer Presentation" field will be prompted with a choice set of "Can Be Present" and "Cannot Be Present".  If "Cannot Be Present" is selected a dialog box will pop-up stating "Letter from owner must be on file and made available upon request".

If a letter from the owner is not on file the Cooperating Broker must be allowed to participate in the offer presentation as per rule 703.4.

MLS staff will begin randomly calling on listings with "Cannot Be Present" to obtain a copy of the owners letter as per rule 501.16. Failure to provide a copy of the letter to the MLS upon request will result in an automatic fine of $50.  See the full list of Automatic Fines on the Stratus Info Center.

The first time an edit is done on a listing after the field has been added you will be prompted to select an option in "Offer Presentation".

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