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Oct 28, 2015 Release - Info Center - Other Enhancements

There is a new and improved Info Center and many other enhancements on Stratus.  The new Info Center was designed by a group of local Realtors to make it more of a working home page rather than just a landing page to direct users elsewhere on Stratus.

Following is an overview of the enhancements included in this release. For a complete list along with illustrations and detailed descriptions click here.

  1. The Info Center is made up of 8 “panels”, most of which can be rearranged and/or deleted.
  2. Quick Search right from Info Center.
  3. The Quick Search on Info center includes additional fields with the option of selecting from a check box similar to how it is currently done in Towns.
  4. Open House search by your Market Areas on Info Center.
  5. Recent Work displays your most recent CMAs, Favorites, Searches and more.
  6. At Today’s Listings go back 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, etc. and up to 1 month back.
  7. Market Areas have been increased from 4 to 6.
  8. Your expiring listings within the next 7 days have been added to Alerts.
  9. My links expanded from 4 to 12 and you can drag and drop to reorder.
  10. Send – email address will auto complete when sending listings to a contact.
  11. Send – Email screen may be moved around to view listings displayed.
  12. Update may be run for any Market Area or for an area once without saving.
  13. Update to include only LSC’s of your choosing.
  14. Your current Update (prior to upgrade) is saved as Custom in the Market Area choice set along with your saved Market Areas.
  15. Your Update Timeframe is saved for each Market Area and Custom so you can run Since Last Update for each.
  16. New tab has been added, Resources. Financials are now under Resource tab. 
  17. The Edge browser is now fully compatible with Stratus.
  18. Printing from an iPad now works with Safari and Chrome.
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