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January 5, 2016 Release

The following enhancements were made to Stratus on January 5, 2016:

Search Listings

- Ability to save search and include fields unique to a particular Class and Status.
- "000" has been added to the Min & Max fields to save typing.
- Saved Search can now be associated to Client or Self.
- Auto complete options are now available for Town names.
- You can now save your own custom search forms with the fields of your choosing and save it for future use.
- Ability to show only selected listings on the map in the Map Search results.
- Date fields now present a calendar popup when clicked to make date entry easier.
- When searching by one ML# only, the Broker Full report appears without having to first go to the search results.

Map Search

- Ability to draw multiple shapes including rectangles, polygons and radius.
- Ability to exclude an area on the map.
- Ability to drag and drop rectangle and radius shapes.
- Search results continue to include listings within a shape if you move a shape out of the viewing area.

Prospect Match

- Ability to customize messages to clients.


- Send - Prospect Match custom e-mails: A new section has been added for you to enter Prospect Match text for your custom default Subject and/or Body and Signature. This is used in the automatically generated Prospect Match e-mails. The MLS default text is used when this is left blank.

- Agent Profile: When changing your e-mail address or Web site URL, you are now brought to the IMS (our Membership System) where you can change your personal information. The changes will take effect the next day.

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