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March 15, 2016 Release

The following enhancements were made to Stratus on March 15, 2016:

Info Center

- New Collaborate panel added to link directly to new Messages, Likes, etc.
- A button linking to Search was added to the bottom of the Quick Search panel.

Search Listings

- Icons now displayed for Tours, History, Public Record and Map on List view.  These may be turned on and off via the Appearance tab in Settings.

- Columns can now be dragged and dropped on the List view.
- Click on a column header in the List view for controls to do any of the following:
     - Add or delete columns in List view without using Customize.
     - Move columns right or left.
     - Set default column set.

- An up or down arrow is now displayed in List view when the LSC = PC.
Hover over the arrow to show the percentage change.

- Added the ability to save and use customized search forms.
This was previously only available from Quick Search on Info Center.

- Eastport-South Manor School District added.
- Rockville Centre School District added as an option for Hempstead.
- ZIP Code 11967 added as an option in Yaphank.


- Multiple signatures can now be created.
- Photos can be added to signatures.
- A business card can be used in place of a signature.


- Two reports can be printed at one time (such as Broker Full and Consumer Full).


- A personal notes section has been added to Broker Full forms.
- Drafts can now be shared with others in the same office so they may be checked and/or finished.

Listing Carts

- Multiple Listing Carts can now be created.
Any existing listings in the Listing Cart have been moved to a cart entitled "Default."


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