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September 15, 2016 Release

The following enhancements and bug fixes were made to Stratus on September 15, 2016:

- A revised Quick Search panel allows for convenient searches of both Listings and Public Records from the Info Center.

- The Quick Search panel allows custom Search Forms to be set as default for both Listings and Public Records.

- Decimal values (such as "1.5") are now accepted in the Min and Max fields for Baths in Quick Search.

- The ability to add agent Notes to any View form displaying only one listing per page has been added.

- The time of last edit will be displayed for all agent Notes added to a listing View form.

- A list of all selected Towns can now be printed from the Select Towns popup when performing a search on multiple Towns.  (Click the Show Selected button and click the Print icon.)

- The "Temporarily Off Market (TOM)" field is no longer a required entry when adding a new listing.

- An issue causing the Price filter to not work properly with Seasonal Rental searches has been corrected.

- An issue causing the "Locate Surrounding Properties" feature of Public Records to not work properly has been corrected. 

- An issue causing the office drop down under "My Firm" in Office Inventory to not function properly for Internet Explorer users has been corrected.

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