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August 9, 2018 Release

The following enhancements and bug fixes were made to Stratus on August 9, 2018:

- Improvements have been made to Prospect Searches. The biggest changes are to the e-mail the client receives. The look has been improved with an option to use larger thumbnail images and more readable text. The Create Prospect box includes a new option to set the desired thumbnail size. A Preview button has been added that opens a box showing the difference between Small Thumbnail and Large Thumbnail so the member will have an idea of what the Prospect Match e-mail will look like before it is sent.

- The “MLS Rules” link in MLS/LIBOR Links has been updated to open a new page presenting links to the MLS Rules Book and the MLS Compliance Checklist.
Previously this link opened the MLS Rules Book.

- The “Remine” link has been removed from the Detail View page of Rental, Land and Commercial listings as Remine does not work with those property types.
Residential and Condo/Co-Op listings retain the “Remine” link on their Detail View pages.

- The Authorize Subscriber Agreement that appears when a user logs in to Stratus for the first time has been updated.

- A bug was fixed where the Photo Gallery fails to show after clicking View Details in an e-mailed listing where there is only a single photo.

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